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As a leading supplier of ISO4427-certified HDPE pipes and welding machines, Radius Star Piping also offers welding machine rental services.

We offer all types of advanced welding machines, such as butt fusion welding machines, electro-fusion machines, hot air guns, extruder welding machines, and wedge machines for rent in the UAE.

Our high-quality welding machines are suitable for use under extreme conditions, like welding under-pressure pipes for all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs.

HDPE pipe welding machines available for rent with Radius Star Piping:

  • Butt Fusion Welding Machine: We provide rental for a wide range of butt fusion welding machines with a welding range of 40 mm to 2800 mm. We use ISO 12176-1-compliant butt fusion welding machines for fast and simple welding operations.
  • Electro-Fusion Welding Machines: These welding machines are used for welding HDPE pipes and fittings with couplings for water and gas supply systems. Our electro-fusion welding machines, available for rental, are certified with ISO 12176 electro-fusion welder International standards.
  • Extruder Welding Machines: We rent hand-held extruder welding machines for welding and restoring tanks, pipes, agricultural ponds, and geomembrane films. The handheld extruder has a welding range of 3-4mm.
  • Hot Air Guns: Hot air guns are versatile welding machines that can be used to weld difficult-to-reach places. We offer a wide range of hot air gun welding machines with different welding ranges.
  • Wedge Welders: Wide range of wedge welders are available for rent. Geomembrane welding at high speeds is made possible by these compact wedge welders.

With continuous maintenance and upgrades, we ensure to keep all our rental equipment in good shape and ready to operate.

Do you require high-quality HDPE pipe welding equipment for rent? Get in touch with us to get the best quality welding machines on rent for your project.


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